Our Favorite Things

Mark Drennan, President of Mountain Republic was on Good Things Utah sharing his favorite camping essentials.

Eating is one of the best parts of camping.  Doing the dishes...not so much.  Here is our favorite AceCamp double wash basin.  It makes a quick job of those camping dishes.  And the best part is when you are finished it folds down completely flat again.  Everyone needs to save space when going camping and this is one of those products.

Getting water to your campsite was never easier!  Check out our accordian jerrycans.  Available in 4 sizes.  And the best part is the fold flat after use.

Never worry when the campground toilets run out of soap.  With Suds2Go you can have clean hands wherever you are.

Our favorite chair is this travel chair.  Light weight, packs up small, and is actually comfortable.

We love this rechargeable headlamp by Sunree.  One of the coolest features is the glare guard.  This prevents you from blinding your friend when you look at them.  They will thank you.

Take care of those pesky mosquito bites with StingEze.  It is an absolute necessity when going camping.  We even keep them in our glove box for all those late night sports games you attend.

You always need a good book to take when camping.  This is our all-time favorite book Little Britches.  This is a true story of Ralph Moody, his wise parents, many siblings and his life in the early 1900's.

Starting a fire is always more fun with a fire starter.