Terrain Mummy Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

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Weight: 4.4 OZ

Packed Dimensions

  • Width: 9.5 in
  • Height: 15.4 in
  • Depth 9.5 in


The AceCamp Terrain Mummy cold weather sleeping bag is one of the best 0°F / -17° C mummy sleeping bags out there, it incorporates style, warmth and function without the high price tag.  When you buy a zero degree sleeping bag warmth is the name of the game.  The Terrain 0 combines thoughtful features to lock in your body heat and keep you warm all night.  The contoured mummy shape minimizes the space inside your body needs to warm and makes it light to carry as well at just 4.4 oz.

Insulation is the foundation of a sleeping bag.  The Terrain zero contains 40 oz of Thermolite branded insulation.  Many bags use no-name insulation or their own made-up brand leaving you to take their word for it.  Insulation's job is to trap air.  Thermolite insulation fibers have 7 holes in them that trap air inside the fibers plus their High Loft captures even more warmth and feels soft and comfortable as well.  Thermolite retains warmth even when wet and dries quickly.

Body heat escapes most easily around the head and neck, through the zipper, and through the stitching.  A sculpted hood can be cinched as snugly around your head as you like.  The fleece lined draft collar stops heat from leaking out around the neck and a draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper.  Since feet are often a cold spot the Terrain zero has a fleece lined footbox with a pocket to hold a hand warmer when it's especially cold.  The Terrain zero employs offset construction, which means the stitching does not go clear through the bag, preventing heat loss or cold spots at the stitching.  To sleep warm it's important to sleep on a quality sleeping pad.  Built in mat straps keep your sleeping pad between you and the cold ground.  

A lightweight 290T polyester shell with embossed diamond pattern gives this bag the technical look it deserves while being both durable and comfortably soft at the same time.  Coupled with a silky soft liner and fleece neck and footbox comfort is assured.  The double zipper opens from the top down or bottom up (or both) allowing for custom temperature regulation when it's not quite so cold.  Large zipper pulls are easy to find and operate.  Extra stitching along the zipper strategically stiffens the fabric to avoid zipper snags.  An inside pocket near the should is handy for a cell phone or other small item.  Back sleepers will appreciate the trapezoidal shape of the footbox which allows for the foots natural resting position. 

Sometimes the stuff sack is an afterthought but not here.  The Terrain 0 mummy includes a compression stuff sack.  It's large enough to get the whole bag inside without being bulky and the compression straps pack it down further for backpacking.  A handle on the bottom of the stuff sack is convenient to hold while pulling the sleeping bag out.  The name and temperature rating are embroidered on the bottom of the bag to easily identify it when on the shelf.  You would hate to accidentally grab a summer bag when you need the warmth of the Terrain 0.  The most common stuff sack failure is a blown side seam.  The side seam of this stuff sack is reinforced and employs a clever, triangular gusset sewn into the top of the side seam which makes the stuff sack opening a little wider for easier loading and unloading while vastly reducing the chances of a blown side seam.


Temperature 0°F / -17°C Weight 4.4 lbs / 2 kg Height 84" / 213 cm Width 34" / 89 cm Fits Users Up To 6' 6" Tall (198 cm) Cold Weather Designed*