Aluminum Tribal Pot Set

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Make great culinary creations while camping. This 3-piece set will give you all the pots you need to make anything from a single serving of soup to recreating your grandmother's pasta. The pots nest with flat handled lids to make packing easy. Delicious meals not included.

  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM - These pots are made of durable aluminum and are sure to impress. You don’t have to worry about it getting worn out.
  • SIZE - These pots come in three sizes: Small is about 7.9” tall x 6” wide and holds 4L. Medium is 9.4” tall x 7.9” wide and holds 8L. Large is 11” tall x 8.3” wide and holds 12 Liters.
  • FOLDING HANDLE - With a folding handle, this is easy to store and pack for your camping adventures. Includes a D-ring on the lid so you don’t have to burn your fingers when checking on dinner.
  • PERFECT FOR CAMPING - These are perfect for your camping cooking kits, picnics, soups, pasta, stew, boil water and much more.
Includes flat lids with a wire D-ring handles Wire bail handles on pots fold down for easy packing